Past: Debut solo by Lisa Konno

25 November-16 January
Lisa Konno (1992, NL), designer and artist, uses the medium fashion to tell socially relevant stories. In 2015, Konno started to make collections out of textile waste to make statements about the unethical habits of the fashion industry. Recently, she started to use filmmaking, in addition to her fashion to strengthen the narrative around her collections. NOBU & BABA are two short portraits made with director Sarah Blok that focus on fathers that moved to the Netherlands. The films and collections explore topics such as cultural identity and migration. This interdisciplinary approach allows Lisa to use the optimistic, fun and aesthetic look that fashion can bring to highlight human stories instead of using fashion’s appeal to seduce into overconsumption. 
In her debut solo exhibition at Multiplemadé 2, Prinsengracht 645, Lisa Konno will show new interpretations of previous work. In this show a series of six jackets and artworks summarise the past six years of work.
Multiplemadé 2: Prinsengracht 645, entrance The Frozen Fountain, Amsterdam