Duran Lantink x Paul Kooiker


25 November-16 January
Fashion designer Duran Lantink, who is known for his upcycling approach, collage techniques, and outspoken vision on sustainable fashion joins forces with Paul Kooiker a photographer and installation artist.
Lantinks designs are a mix of high-end design unsold stock from major brands such as Prada, Louis Vuitton and Offwhite. With stock Lantink received from several multibrandstores, he finally realised his graduation collection from 2017 that until now only existed in book form. Subsequently, Lantink invited Kooiker to freely adapt and photograph the collection according to his vision. The exhibition ‘Fantastic Voyage’ is the result of this collaboration and will be shown at Multiplemadé, Prinsengracht 615 H.
The exhibitions will be on display from the 25th of November until the 16th of January 2021.Later in the year Multiplemadé and the artists will create a publication consisting the presented works, published by Art Paper Editions (APE).

Duran Lantink (1987, NL)

Duran is a young and upcoming Amsterdam-based designer and known for his outspoken vision on sustainable fashion and his societal approach towards the industry. With his own playful upcycling methods and collaging techniques Lantink creates designs that are mixes of high-end deadstock from charity shops and donations from recognized designers such as Nike, Louis Vuitton and Dries van Noten. His work finds itself at the intersection of art and fashion, with lots of energy and variation in which the core lies in mixing different brands together. Doing so, he aims to have an open discussion about brands’ responsibility on textile waste and hopes to change how people value products.
During his fashion studies at the Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, he felt like he did not exactly fit in. With his focus directed more towards the environmental, economical and political issues the fashion industry faces, he found his true comfort in his master program Fashion Matters at the Sandberg Institute, which allowed him to express and develop his own perspectives and vision into a vibrant and energetic collection/way of working. 
Now, years after graduation he has carried out multiple well-received projects, for example the now iconic pink Vagina Pants, worn by Janelle Monáe and a custom-made upcycled coat for singer BIllie Eilish, worn on the cover of DAZED magazine. Furthermore, Lantink received the AmsterdamsPrijs voor de Kunsten (Amsterdam price for the arts) in 2020 and exhibited at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. Alongside this, Lantink has an ongoing collaboration with artist Jan Hoek and Sistaazhoud, a group of transgender sex workers in South Africa, to use his collections to tell the stories of marginalized communities that find themselves faraway from the fashion industry.
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